How to book advertising in hot air balloons?

By: globosboreal | 22 Sep 2017

How to book advertising in hot air balloons?

You can contract advertising with hot air balloons by contacting Globos Boreal, we will guide and advise you on the different ways to raise your image using this very special support and different from other media. As it is not conventional, it will attract more attention as it captures the glances of those who see it and will be remembered over time.

These are some of the advantages of the hot air balloon as an advertising mean:

– Its large size. This giant advert is over 20 meters tall, equivalent to a 7-story building.

– It is an attractive and visual tool. Who takes pictures of a billboard?

– Great impact on social networks. With the appearance of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… it is easy to get an image to be shared hundreds of times.

– Possibility of flying to VIP clients in your own balloon.

– Ideal accompaniment for sponsored and/or corporate events.

– Possibility of international presence. We will need you to explain your idea to us and we will inform you about the different types of flights and balloon sizes best suited to meet your needs. We will ask you to provide us with a logo, then we will present you with a color visual so you can see how it would look and its corresponding budget. As an example this visual J&B. Trust Globos Boreal to take your brand to the top.