Hot air balloon rides Valladolid

Flying over Valladolid offers the possibility of taking a trip back in time over a city that will not leave you indifferent. Did you know that the Catholic Monarchs got married in Valladolid and that it is the city where Christopher Columbus died?

Enjoy the city of Valladolid, in the heart of Castilla y León. The Plaza Mayor, the Campo Grande, its numerous churches and the Pisuerga River that crosses it from north to south.

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Program: hot air balloon flight in Valladolid

Our main pilot is Javier Tarno, 6 times Spanish balloon champion. Globos Boreal is the first balloon company authorised in Spain for commercial flights with passengers.


  • Take-off site: to be confirmed depending on the direction of the wind
  • Meeting time: after sunrise
  • Flight time: 1 hora
  • Total duration: 3 to 4 horas (inflation, flight, landing, celebration and return to take-off site)
  • Altitude: up to 1.000 metres
  • Celebration: with sparkling cava to celebrathe this unforgettable experience
  • Breakfast and flight certificate.
  • Crew: our vehicle will be following the balloon comunicated with radio and will return the passengers to the launching location
  • Clothing: confortable and suitable to the season in which you fly. We recommend a cap and sports shoes.
  • Season: every day, all year long
  • Gift: HD photo and video

In ballooning we know the take-off site but we do not know where we will land since the direction is set by the wind. We normally fly over Valladolid and will land in the countryside, not far from the city.

40 years of experience in ballooning