Hot air balloon rides in Segovia

The Balloon Flight in Segovia allows us to observe in a privileged way the city that, due to its history, its art and its excellent state of conservation, is a World Heritage Site. Located between Eresma and Clamores valleys, the city is home to the culture and art of each civilization that has passed through, the Aqueduct (50 AD), one of the most significant and best preserved monuments left by the Romans, the Alcázar, whose construction began in the 11th century, the Gothic Cathedral from the 16th century, the Church of San Justo, the Jewish quarter…

Seen from the air, the city invites you to visit it by walking through its streets and enjoying its renowned gastronomy (roasted suckling pig, beans from La Granja)

Segovia is without any doubt the best place to fly in a balloon in the center of Spain.

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Program: balloon flight in Segovia






Globos Boreal collaborates with Segovia Tourism office

Our main pilot is Javier Tarno, 6 times Spanish balloon champion. Globos Boreal is the first balloon company authorised in Spain for commercial flights with passengers.


  • Take-off site: Oposite Segovias General Hospital, next to the motocross field
  • Meeting time: after sunrise
  • Flight time: 1 hora
  • Total duration: 3 to 4 horas (inflation, flight, landing, celebration and return to take-off site)
  • Altitude: up to 1.000 metres
  • Celebration: with sparkling cava to celebrathe this unforgettable experience
  • Breakfast and flight certificate.
  • Crew: our vehicle will be following the balloon comunicated with radio and will return the passengers to the launching location
  • Clothing: confortable and suitable to the season in which you fly. We recommend a cap and sports shoes.
  • Season: every day, all year long
  • Gift: HD photo and video


* If you need transportation from/to Madrid, remember to add to the cart the “pick-up/drop-off” additional service.


In ballooning we know the take-off site but we do not know where we will land since the direction is set by the wind. We normally fly over Segovia and will land in the countryside, not far from the city.


Presenting your Balloon Flight Ticket in Segovia Tourism office you can enjoy Free Access and Reduced Rate

Segovia, a city declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, Segovia is considered as one of the best destinations in the world to be flown over. At more than 1,000 meters above sea level, the city rests on a large rock located between the valleys of the Eresma and Clamores rivers, which, together with its proximity to the Sierra de Guadarrama, means that the weather conditions for flying over it are especially favorable. This suitability for flying, along with its spectacular monuments, its light and the natural wealth of its surroundings, make flying over Segovia a memorable experience. From Turismo de Segovia we invite you, once you are back on land, to take advantage of your stay to get to know its impressive monuments up close. Touring the city you will discover many other places that, without a doubt, will also remain engraved on your retina.

Come to the Segovia Visitor Reception Center (Azoguejo, 1) show your flight reservation voucher and enjoy during the following 48 hours:

Reduced rate on the Guided Visits Get to know Segovia (depending on availability; except in the dramatized visits and in “The muleteer Claudio guides you through Segovia”). You can also book online through the website

Free access to the Educational Center of the Jewish Quarter, Puerta de San Andrés (La Muralla), Royal Mint, Antonio Machado House‐Museum and Francisco Peralta Puppet Collection.

40 years of experience in balloon flights