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Hot air balloon advertising services

Balloons are visually attractive due to their shapes, colors, and especially when you see them fly. They capture the attention of the public from inflation to landing. As they pass through the sky, they catch the eye and provoke the smile and greeting of those who are on the ground. This unique event will be commented on and remembered over time.

Free flight

Take off next to public concentrations at parties, fairs, special events, football matches, bullfights, etc, then flying over the city or surroundings.

Tethered flight

The balloon is fixed to the ground by ropes at a certain height. During the tethered flight the public can ride short ascensions, specially children who want to have their first air experience. It is an original and impressive activity that offers the possibility of promoting the brand / product image of the advertising company.

OPTIONS: ownership

The company purchases a balloon designed with its logo and preffered colors. Boreal takes care of everything: from facilitating the design, advice, manufacture of the balloon, import and registration procedures, to its operation (pilot, assistant, maintenance and inspections, vehicle, hangarage and gas).

OPTIONS: renting

Boreal provides one of the balloons available in its fleet using banners that perfectly adapt to the shape of the balloon.

The large advertising surface of the balloon provides a privileged spot for advertising, since a medium-sized balloon has the following measurements: height 18 m., diameter 12 m. and circumference 50 m.