Private balloon ride

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If you want you have the option of chartering a balloon for yourselves. You can make a romantic flight in which you would go only 2 people in the balloon with the pilot.

Flight time: 1 hour.

Total duration: 3 to 4 hours (inflated, flight, landing, celebration and return).

Height: Up to 1,000 meters.

Time: After sunrise.

Celebration: With cava upon landing to celebrate this unforgettable occasion.

Breakfast and delivery of Diploma.

Season: It can be flown throughout the year.

Gift: Photo report and HD video.

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Private flight for couples



We offer the possibility to chart a balloon for yourselves, a couple or two friends. You can make a romantic flight in which you fly alone with the pilot. This is and ideal option for a wedding proposal or a very special celebration. Due to the small capacity we will use small balloons such as advertising or competition balloons.


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