Video – balloon ride in Segovia

By: globosboreal | 20 Sep 2017

The Balloon Flight in Segovia allows us to observe in a privileged way the city that, due to its history, its art and its excellent state of conservation, is a World Heritage Site. Located between the Eresma and Clamores valleys, the city is home to the culture and art of each civilization that has passed through it, the Aqueduct (50 AD), one of the most significant and best preserved monuments left by the Romans, the Alcázar, whose construction began in the 11th century, the 16th century Gothic Cathedral, the Church of San Justo, the Jewish quarter…

Seen from the air the city invites you to visit it through its streets and enjoy its renowned gastronomy (roasted suckling pig, beans from La Granja…)

Segovia is undoubtedly the best place to fly in a balloon in the center of Spain.