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Javier Tarno 6 veces campeón de España | Escuela de Pilotos | Regatas y Aventura 

Globos Boreal has been flying for 40 years and offering Balloon Rides from Madrid to Segovia, Toledo, Guadarrama… and balloon flights for Companies and on demand. Our first pilot is Javier Tarno 6 times Spa¡¡nish champion. We are experts in Aerostatic Advertising and we train pilots at our Ballooning School in Segovia.

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Hot air balloon rides

Buy your hot air balloon ride online to fly in Madrid, Segovia, Toledo…


Globos Boreal has over 40 years of experience in ballooning.

In addition to balloon rides, we offer aerostatic advertising services and ballooning courses at our Hot Air Balloon Pilot School. 

We are Cameron Balloons Representatives in Spain

Hot air balloon rides

A unique and different experience of flying, of floating in the wind, with exciting views and unforgettable sensations.

There is more and more demand to fly the skies in a balloon, and not only are those who approach this activity adventurers, but it has become something popular.

Hot air balloon rides for companies

The balloon flight is gaining more and more acceptance as a business incentive due to its attractiveness and because it is normal for it to exceed the expectations of the passengers. We have extensive experience in organizing balloon flights for company groups and the level of satisfaction of our clients is very high due to our professionalism.

School for pilots

Since 1987 we have been running the Balloon School currently located in Segovia, most of the pilots currently operating in the central area of the country have been our students.

Balloon advertising

Balloons are very visually attractive due to their shapes, colors, and especially when you see them fly. They capture the attention of the public from their inflation. As they pass through the sky, they catch the eye and provoke the smile and greeting of those who are on the ground. This unique event will be commented on and remembered over time.

Javier Tarno

Javier Tarno is the manager and first pilot of Globos Boreal. With more than 4,500 flight hours from him, he has become over 40 years of ballooning one of the most experienced pilots in the country. Since 1983 he has participated in the Spanish Ballooning Championships: 6 times Spanish Champion, ranking 2nd and 3rd thirteen other times since then. 8th in the II World Air Games (2001).

Cameron Balloons

Cameron Balloons is the world’s leading manufacturer of hot air balloons. We are official representatives in Spain of the brand.



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