Customised advertising balloons and zeppelins

By: globosboreal | 22 Sep 2010

Special Shaped Hot Air Balloons.

Any object that can be given volume, filled with hot air, can be turned into a flying sculpture.

Cameron Balloons, the world’s leading manufacturer of balloons, of which we are representatives in Spain, has built hundreds of special shapes that arouse admiration throughout the world. Bottles, animals, characters and all kinds of objects are manufactured with excellent design techniques and the best existing engineering team. The only limit is your imagination!

Hot air zeppelins

Cameron Balloons invented hot air zeppelins in 1972. Aerial marketing is an excellent way to build a brand or advertise a product by adding a benefit to its promotional value. Modern hot air zeppelins are a variant of their older gas brothers (helium or previously hydrogen), they use the same system as hot air balloons with the difference that zeppelins can be steered thanks to their aerodynamic shape and an engine that carries in the back part of the gondola that gives it the propulsion. The 4-person model (pilot + 3 passengers) has a 40-meter span and a large advertising surface of 100 m² on each side. It has 4 seats, an engine and propeller at the back of the gondola. It does not require a hangar or mast and can be operated with a small crew.