Events hot air balloon advertising

By: globosboreal | 22 Sep 2017

Hot Air Balloons at Events and Festivals.

Hot air balloons, due to their magnificence and color, attract attention in concentrations and large events from the moment they are inflated, whether it is tethered or free flight.

These events, whether sporting or of another nature, gather large numbers of people due to their spectacular nature. Likewise, some Town Halls organize Balloon Regattas or Festivals that attract a large influx of public and media (press, radio, television) who are usually invited to fly and as a consequence its diffusion is relevant.

Every year balloon festivals are organized in different parts of Spain such as Segovia, Gijón, Haro, Vitoria, Vic, Granada, etc… From Globos Boreal we offer you to take your advertising balloon to these festivals or customize one of ours with a banner. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.