How is a hot air balloon flight?

By: globosboreal | 22 Sep 2017

A balloon flight is an emotion, floating in the wind, drifting.

We meet at sunrise only when the weather forecast is promising. Upon arrival at takeoff field, we release a small helium balloon to check the direction of the wind. This information will be very useful during the flight to fly at the most convenient height depending on the direction of the wind.

The balloon inflation is quite spectacular, with help of fans the envelope is increasing volume until we can introduce the flame of the burners and lift the balloon. Once standing, the passengers board the basket where they are given a safety briefing and before take off. Usually we fly between 0 and 1000 meters depending on the direction of the different wind and the speed at different heights.

The balloon does not move or sway until it returns to mother earth for landing, at which time the passengers are placed in the landing position that we have previously rehearsed before taking off and right there we make a champagne toast to celebrate the adventure.

The first moments of flight are very special, with a mixture of fear and excitement that disappears after a few minutes of being in the air, now it’s time to enjoy the landscapes and take photos and videos of the experience.