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Ballooning Advertising – Aerial Marketing

Hot air balloons are visually attractive by their shapes, colors and specially when seen in the air. They capture the public’s attention from their inflation. On their way through the sky, they catch glances, cause smiles and receive greetings from people on earth. This unique event will be commented and remembered through time.


Free Flight: Take off from concentrations of public during festivals, fairs, special events, football games, bullfights, etc. and flying over the area afterwards.

Tethering Flight: The balloon is fixed to the ground by ropes at a certain height. In this case, it is possible to lift as many people as desired, especially children who want to have their first ballooning experience.

It is an original and striking activity that offers the possibility of promoting the brand or product of the advertising company.


Ownership: The company buys a balloon designed with its logo and colors. Boreal handles everything: from ease of design, consultancy, balloon manufacture, import and registration formalities; to the operationalization of the balloon (pilot, helper, maintenance and servicing, vehicle, hangar and gas).

For rent: Boreal offers one of the balloons in its fleet using banners that fit perfectly to the balloon shape.

The large surface area of the balloon gives a privileged place for advertising; a medium sized balloon has the following dimensions: height (18m), diameter (12m) and circumference (50m).

For more information ask us for budget without any commitment.

Send us an e-mail to the following address stating your name and telephone number. We will contact you as soon as possible and we will clarify any questions you may have.

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If you prefer to contact us on the phone, these are the numbers where we are available. Do not forget to add the prefix 0034 if calling from outside Spain.

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