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Who we are


Our origins date back to 1982, when commercial ballooning begins in Spain.

We have participated in Spanish balloon championships since 1983 and since 1984 in European and World Championships representing Spain.

Since 1987 we represent in Spain the British brands Cameron Balloons and Thunder & Colt of England. That same year we started our Balloon School, which is now located in Segovia, and where most of the current pilots in the central area of Spain have been instructed.

Javier Tarno our first pilot and director of operations, with more than 3600 flight hours, has become over 30 years flying in one of the country's most experienced pilots.

We are the first authorized company to fly balloon with passengers in Spain by Civil Aviation.


Boreal is authorized by the Aviation Safety Agency to perform advertising, photography or filming aerial works, as well as balloon flights with passengers.

Active tourism company of the ‘Junta de Castilla y León’ TA 40-28.

We also have maintenance technicians authorized by EASA.


  • Javier Tarno

  • Paloma Trapero

  • Carlos Brojeras

  • Paco Pinillos

  • Germán Rodero

  • Daniel Tarno

  • Ángel Fernández

  • Laura Tarno

  • Balloon Rides in Segovia, Madrid, Toledo, you choose where to flight ... Javier Tarno six times spanish national champion. School, Advertising, Spots, Filming. Airships and Inflatables. Cameron Balloons official representative in Spain.

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